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Welcome to Who Radio! We are an entertaining, vibrant Ware-based radio station that plays an eclectic mix of music spanning all genres. We provide not only musicians and artists but also businesses with the necessary tools to succeed and reach their maximum potential. Our aim is to inspire, educate, and entertain ...

Our Listeners Are Important to Us

No radio station would be successful without listening to their listeners’ feedback. That’s at least what we believe. Our aim is to use your feedback to guide the evolution of our programmes so that the songs we play are the ones you want to hear on a daily basis. You can see that this works a treat, as our ...

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Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast

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Contact the studio DJs for any information. Do you have a favourite song you want to hear at a specific time? Let us know! Our radio …
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Tune in to our radio station by clicking the button! We play the best music from all genres, so you're sure to hear something you love. …
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